eden edition 70cl


A truly handcrafted Dry Lancashire Gin that is copper distilled with only six botanicals, including juniper, fresh apples, sweet grape and aromatic coriander leaf. Light, refreshing and ever-so moreish.

TASTE: On the initial nose you will get aromas of fresh coriander followed by juniper and gentle apple. The smooth and full-bodied profile develops into tart juniper that blends harmoniously with juicy grape and fruity notes, with lingering crisp apple. Perfect for garden sipping.

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Perfect Serve

50ml Eden Edition   |   150ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic water

Fill a wine glass with a handful of ice, add a 50ml measure of Eden Edition and then mix with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water (we like to use around 150ml). Enjoy your first serve without any garnish so you can experience the full-bodied flavour, or serve with a fresh slice of green apple. The natural oils from the fruits may appear as a slight haze in your glass, this is because we don’t chill filter our gins so that the full authentic flavour is kept in for you to enjoy.

The perfect summer gin and tonic service. Refreshing craft gin infused with apple, grape and coriander leaf

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