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Crafted using real fruits and botanicals, this expression is a traditionally distilled classic juniper-forward gin that is combined with fresh British raspberry and strawberry, along with the addition of aromatic lychee. REAL, AUTHETNIC and NATURAL with over 100g of combined fresh raspberry, strawberry and lychee going into each 50cl pink bottle.

TASTE: Classic piney juniper perfectly infuses with ripe, juicy raspberry and sweet, tart strawberry. A burst of aromatic lychee adds an irresistible refreshing layer to create a lip-smacking craft gin that is made to savour.

An all-natural pink hue. No added sugars, flavourings or syrups. 40% ABV // 50cl.

This will be despatched from 22/04/24. Free UK-wide delivery. Hand delivered to Penwortham and surrounding areas. Find more information in Delivery & Returns.


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First released in September 2023, Limited Edition Vol.2 has been our most asked for gin to make a return, not just because it is a pink gin, but because it is a Fairham pink gin! 

As part of our Limited Release re-vamp which will be replaced by Limited Batch Drops, what better way to start this new way of releasing than with our IT’S PINK Limited Edition.

Fairham Gin and Secret Industries create pink gin

Limited Edition Vol.2 was the second release in the Fairham Gin limited range, and for those not familiar with the Limited Edition range, we use these releases to showcase the work of local artists on the front cover of the bottle, and for Limited Edition Vol.2 we have teamed up with Tim Bridges, a Preston-based graphic designer.

Tim Bridges, who is also known by his business name; Secret Industries, founded his graphic design business in 2010 initially starting out as hobby. Since 2018, Tim has focused his efforts on graphic design and has turned his creative output into a full-time role working on logos, brand identity and illustrative work for small Northern businesses.

Tim’s style of work is bold, simple, includes strong typography and combines bright colours with repeat patterns. This was the perfect style to curate a design for our first-ever coloured gin. Pink is the obvious feature of this new gin release, with Fairham Gin and Tim working together to create a piece of artwork that would represent not only the botanicals used but also the colour of the liquid.

Not only does the bottle look great, but the stuff inside is pretty good too. Combining a classic juniper-forward base with raspberry, strawberry and lychee, this is a pink gin that is sure to give you the perfect balance of tantalising flavours.

Perfect Serve

50ml Limited Edition Vol.2   |   150ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Fill your glass with a handful of ice, add a 50ml measure of Limited Edition Vol.2 and then mix with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water (we like to use around 150ml). Add a couple of fresh raspberries for garnish and enjoy a tantalisingly fruity serve.

We also recommend serving with Fever-Tree Lemonade for added sweetness, perfect on a sunny evening over lots of ice – delish! Visit Fairham’s Bar and try our exclusive Limited Edition Vol.2 cocktails, only around for the same amount of time as the gin, so be quick.

pink gin distilled in Lancashire by Fairham Gin

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