boosting local lancashire woodlands

Here at No.1 Fairham Gin we are extremely proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Ribble River Trust as part of a new partnership.

Putting the environment first has always been one of our main priorities and now, as part of our environmentally conscious business plan, we will be buying a tree sapling for every 70cl bottle sold which will be planted by Ribble Rivers Trust across Lancashire.

After launching our Lancashire craft gin in April 2021, we started looking at various ways on how we can go about a one bottle = one tree initiative. Instead of just signing up to any organisation and not knowing exactly where our tree saplings would be planted, we reached out to Ribble Rivers Trust who have made this partnership possible. When distilling our 100% vapour infused craft gin we use the very best botanicals and exotic fruits that nature has to offer, so it was only right that through the sales of our gin we give back in this sort of way, helping an area in the UK with the least woodland cover.

“We are very proud to be joining forces with Ribble Rivers Trust in their decade-long campaign which hopes to double the area of woodland across Lancashire. We are constantly looking at ways to expand our eco-friendly ethos and do our bit for the planet, and what better way to do that than by helping communities local to us whilst also fighting against climate change.”

Ellis & Liam, No.1 Fairham Gin

By teaming up with Ribble Rivers Trust, we have committed to helping the environment local to where we live in Penwortham, Lancashire as well as the human and wildlife communities that call the Ribble catchment area their home. We couldn’t be more proud or excited to start this new, long-lasting partnership, as we work towards our future aim of being carbon negative.

The trees that are planted through this partnership will deliver a wide range of benefits, including creating new woodlands for wildlife and people to enjoy, boosting biodiversity, slowing the flow of water, reducing flood risk, and improving water and air quality. Perhaps most importantly, these trees will help to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by taking the carbon in as they grow, which will ultimately help to reduce the effects of climate change.

“Through the pandemic localism has become of far greater importance to everyone, from where you source your food and drink, to how you enjoy your local area. This has led to a groundswell of demand from local people wanting more action to improve our rivers and wider environment. We are really grateful to businesses like No.1 Fairham Gin, who are demonstrating not only a commitment to the local environment, but local communities. We look forward to working with them over the coming years.”

Jack Spees, CEO of the Ribble Rivers Trust

Since 1997 support from businesses has been helping Ribble Rivers Trust to develop a more regular, reliable stream of funding which helps to create new woodlands, restore peat moorlands, remove river blocking weirs, and deliver national curriculum approved education sessions to children from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds.

As one of the UK’s largest Rivers Trusts, and one of the area’s leading environmental charities, Ribble Rivers Trust are in a unique position to be able to lead the way into a greener future for everyone. Corporate supporters are crucial in helping Ribble Rivers Trust to build on these improvements and ensure the area is more resilient to climate change, flooding, habitat loss, and declining wildlife populations.

If you would like to find out about how you can support the community and environment through Ribble Rivers Trust, please email charlotte@ribbletrust.com. You can purchase our Signature Edition craft gin here, where we are offering free delivery to the Lancashire area for a limited time only to celebrate this new partnership.

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Margaret Johnson
1 year ago

What a fabulous partnership and commitment to the local area. Well done!