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Fairham Distillery granted ‘Actually Made In’ status in new campaign that shines a light on hard working distilleries and their teams.

In an industry that is filled with a lot of smoke and mirrors, the Actually Made In campaign aims to support genuine craftsmanship, shining a light on hard working distilleries and their teams who are crafting amazing spirits.

The Founders of the campaign say:
With the ‘Actually Made In’ campaign, we aim to not only elevate the presence of craft distilleries & their associated brands, but also contribute to the movement of supporting local businesses to survive and thrive. We want to encourage consumers to think about where spirits come from, and consider craft distilleries when making purchase decisions. Most of all, we want to shine a light on hard-working distilleries and their teams who are crafting amazing spirits day in, day out.

Speaking of Fairham Distillery, Ellis says, “We make our gins right here in Lancashire, in our own distillery that houses two copper pot stills. Not only that, but we label, package and head out and about to various events to introduce our craft gin to customers as well as serve at our Penwortham-based craft bar, Fairham’s Bar.”

Liam adds, “We’re proud to shout about this along with all the other hardworking distilleries who are also doing exactly what they say they do, no misleading marketing, just pure passion for craft. It’s a graft, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Celebrating authenticity and provenance one Edition at a time”.

Fairham Distillery has and always will be authentic and natural in approach and liquid. You can read more about ours gins here.

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