limited batch drop – a return of pink polka

IT’S PINK returns as part of our Limited Release re-vamp which will be replaced by Limited Batch Drops.

To mark a new way of releasing Limited Edition gins, Ellis and Liam have brought back one of their most requested gins.

First released in September 2023, Limited Edition Vol.2 was a popular release, not just because it is a pink gin, but because it is a Fairham pink gin!

Over 100g of combined fresh raspberry, strawberry and lychee goes into each bottle to create this all-natural pink gin, which continues in its pink polka bottle design, created by the talented Tim Bridges, otherwise known as Secret Industries.

The Fairham pair have taken a traditionally distilled classic juniper-forward gin and combined it with fresh British raspberry and strawberry, along with the addition of aromatic lychee.

“The natural pink hue comes from the process of resting a traditionally distilled gin with strawberry, raspberry and lychee. This rests in a barrel before being filtered and then bottled in its own specially designed artwork.” Says Liam.

Fairham Gin and Secret Industries create pink gin
Ellis, Tim & Liam

Classic piney juniper perfectly infuses with ripe, juicy raspberry and sweet, tart strawberry. A burst of aromatic lychee adds an irresistible refreshing layer to create a lip-smacking craft gin. Pair with tonic or go with lemonade for a sweeter touch.

Those who were signed up to the Fairham Gin newsletter were granted early access to the new gin drop. Speaking of the new way of releasing Ellis says, “This gives us an opportunity to have fun with our releases, allowing us to be a bit more experimental outside of our core range. We have some exciting plans for future releases and the batches won’t be around for long at all. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.”

For those not familiar with the Limited Edition range by Fairham Gin, they have previously used these releases to showcase the work of local artists on the front cover of the bottle, and for Limited Edition Vol.2 the distillery teamed up with Tim Bridges, a Preston-based graphic designer. 

Tim says, “I was really excited when asked to do this project. To work with someone local that produces a national award-winning product is amazing. It’s also flattering and a little terrifying all rolled into one!”

Tim Bridges, who is also known by his business name; Secret Industries, founded his graphic design business in 2010 initially starting out as hobby. Since 2018, Tim has focused his efforts on graphic design and has turned his creative output into a full-time role working on logos, brand identity and illustrative work for small Northern businesses.

Pink is the obvious feature of this new gin release, with the two business working together to create a piece of artwork that would represent not only the botanicals used but also the colour of the liquid.

Tim explains, “We really wanted to highlight the fact that this was going to be Fairhams first coloured gin, so most of my design decisions were made with that in mind. I actually love working with a colour like pink, there’s an opportunity to do something really bold and loud. What I found really rewarding was that Ellis and Liam were insistent that it should feel like a piece of Secret Industries artwork: their bottle just happened to be the canvas.”

This Limited Batch is exactly that, so secure your bottle now. Think of warmer evenings with this delicious tipple in hand; irresistible! Order yours here!

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