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We’re extremely excited to introduce the newest member of our range: Eden Edition. A juniper-forward Dry Lancashire Gin that is crisp and juicy on the palate from fresh apples, sweet grape and aromatic coriander.

Apple White Wine Gin Lancashire Distillery Summer G&T Serve

Our third core range release as a distillery further emphasises what we are all about here at Fairham Gin. This recipe was created from the ground up with the aim to enhance the gin, the juniper, rather than overpowering it. As two young distillers, we have learnt a lot from Eden Edition, initially starting out the recipe development in Spring 2022 with a base of 16 botanicals, to now whittling it down to just 6 that perfectly harmonise to create this truly delicious and unique craft gin.

Distilled differently from Signature Edition and Ochre Edition which are both vapour infused, the method used, after many trials, proved best in extracting the hard-to-come-by notes of crisp apple and sweet grape. We see our Eden Edition as a well established member of the Fairham family: full of natural flavour, non-chill filtered, distilled in a one-shot method and most importantly, a GIN.

You can pre-order Eden Edition here.

Eden Edition is the go-to G&T as we head into summer. Taking inspiration from a crisp white wine, we have combined classic juniper with fresh green apples and white grapes. This combination and the addition of aromatic coriander leaf creates an ultra-smooth and crisp refreshing serve that is perfect for garden sipping. A year in the making, this Edition is coloured in sky blue to represent summer days and the botanicals and fruits used to create the Edition are shown in the illustration that sits within the inside band on the bottle, synonymous with our other core Editions.

Ellis says, “This is an Edition we have been working tirelessly on over the past 8-12 months. The main goal was to extract the authentic fresh and crisp apple notes, which is notoriously hard when distilling as a one-shot method. The distilling process and recipe that goes into making Eden is completely new to us as a distillery, but the Edition couldn’t fit in better with our range as a full-bodied, complex, distinctive and flavourful juniper-forward gin.”

Serve with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water to experience the full-bodied flavour of Eden Edition. Aromas of fresh green apple and white grape translate into a perfectly balanced juniper-forward gin that is crisp and juicy on the palate with the addition of nuanced coriander notes to give a gentle, refreshing, smooth finish.

Liam adds, “When we’re not drinking gin, wine is our next best thing. With Eden we have tried to marry the two together by taking inspiration from white wine, think sauvignon blanc and chardonnay, and make a gin that gives you a crisp yet juicy finish. The name speaks for itself, Eden – perfect in the garden and ready to be this year’s summer serve.”

Eden Edition Batch 1 is now available to pre-order. All pre-orders will be received for the release day of Friday 14th April.

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